The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Netflix Spain

The Wolf of Wall Street

Film based on real facts from New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). In the mid-1980s, Belfort was an honest young man chasing the American dream, but soon at the stock exchange agency he learned that the most important thing was not to win his customers, but to be ambitious and win a good commission. His enormous success and fortune earned him the nickname of "The Wall Street Wolf." Money. Power. Women. Drugs. Temptations abounded and the fear of the law was irrelevant. Jordan and his pack of wolves considered discretion to be an outdated quality; they never conformed to what they had.

Is The Wolf of Wall Street on Netflix Spain?

Yes, The Wolf of Wall Street is available to Netflix Spain. We hope you enjoy this title watching it from Spain.

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie

Director: Martin Scorsese

Runtime: 180 min

Genres: Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama

Filmaffinity Rating 7.6 /10 IMDB Rating 8.2 /10

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