I, Tonya (2017) Netflix

I, Tonya

Decade of 1990. Tonya Harding is a promising skating on American ice, a girl of a working class, always under the shadow of her implacable and insensitive mother, but with an innate talent capable of making a triple axel in competition. In 1994, his main rival for the Winter Olympic Games is his compatriot Nancy Kerrigan, who, shortly before the games, a thug heel hits her knee with an iron bar. The suspicions fell to Tonya's environment, which meant the beginning of the end of his career.

Actors: Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney

Director: Craig Gillespie

Runtime: 120 min

Genres: Biography, Drama, Sport, Comedy

Filmaffinity Rating 7.0 /10 IMDB Rating 7.5 /10

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