Hostiles (2017) Netflix Spain


The legendary army captain, Joseph J. Blocker (Christian Bale), is obliged to accompany a dying Chief Cheyenne (Wes Studi), and his family, back to the lands of his tribe. To do this, they will have to undertake a dangerous trip through the mountainous meadows of New Mexico, where they will meet a young widow (Rosamund Pike) whose family was killed in the plains by a group of commans who still are around the area. Together they will have to join forces to survive the punishing landscape and the hostile comanche tribes that are on the way.

Is Hostiles on Netflix Spain?

No, Hostiles is not available to Netflix Spain. We will update this webpge as long as it’s available in Spain.

Actors: Scott Shepherd, Rosamund Pike, Ava Cooper

Director: Scott Cooper

Runtime: 134 min

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Documentary, History

Filmaffinity Rating 6.6 /10 IMDB Rating 7.2 /10

Not available on Netflix