Big Fish (2003) Netflix UK

Big Fish

William Bloom (Billy Crudup) does not have a very good relationship with his father (Albert Finney), but after learning that he has a terminal illness, he returns home to be with him at his last moments. Again, William will be forced to listen his father while telling the endless stories of his youth. But, on this occasion, he will try to find out things that will allow him to know his father better, although for this he will have to clearly separate reality and fantasy, elements that always appear mixed in his parent's accounts.

Is Big Fish on Netflix UK?

No, Big Fish is not available to Netflix UK. We will update this webpge as long as it’s available in UK.

Actors: Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup

Director: Tim Burton

Runtime: 125 min

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Filmaffinity Rating 7.9 /10 IMDB Rating 8.0 /10

Not available on Netflix