House of Cards (2013) Netflix UK

House of Cards

The implacable and manipulative congressman Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey), with the complicity of his female calculator (Robin Wright), manages with great skill the threads of power in Washington. His intention is to occupy new government’s Secretary of State. He knows very well that media are vital to achieve his purpose, so he decides to become the "deep gargant" of the young and ambitious journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), to which he offers exclusive to destabilize and sink his political adversaries. New adaptation of Michael Dobbs's homonymous novel, based on a 1990’s British miniseries.

Actors: Kevin Spacey, Michel Gill, Robin Wright

Seasons : 6

Genres: Drama, Sport, Crime

Filmaffinity Rating 7.8 /10 IMDB Rating 8.7 /10

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