tick, tick... Boom! (2021) Netflix

tick, tick... Boom!

Based on the autobiographical musical of Jonathan Larson, he follows an aspiring theater composer who works as a waiter in New York while writing Superbia, who expects him to be the next great American musical and what finally gives him his great opportunity. Jon is also pressed by his girlfriend, Susan, tired of putting Jon's professional aspirations ahead of his own life. Meanwhile, his best friend and apartment, Michael, has renounced his aspirations for advertising work in Madison Avenue and is about to move. As Jon's 30th approaches, he feels overwhelmed by anxiety, wondering if his dream is worth it.

Actors: Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, Robin de Jesus

Director: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Genres: Musical, Drama

Filmaffinity Rating 6.7 /10 IMDB Rating 7.5 /10

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