The Godfather (1972) Netflix

The Godfather

America, 40s. Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the respected and feared head of one of the five families of the New York mafia. He has four children: Connie (Talia Shire), the impulsive Sonny (James Caan), the faint -hearted Fredo (John Cazale) and Michael (Al Pacino), who does not want to know anything about his father's businesses. When corleone, against the advice of 'Il consigliere' Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), he refuses to participate in the drug business, the head of another band orders his murder. Then begins a violent and bloody war between mafia families.

Actors: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Runtime: 175 min

Genres: Crime, Drama

Filmaffinity Rating 9.0 /10 IMDB Rating 9.2 /10

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