Horns (2013) Netflix


Merrin Williams (Juno Temple) has died in strange circumstances, and her boyfriend, Ignatius 'Ig' Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe), is the only suspect. On the first anniversary of Merrin's death, Ig spends the night drunk and doing terrible things. When he wakes up, he has a tremendous hangover... and horns that are being born in his head. Ig has a new macabre power that he tries to use to discover the monster that killed his love. Being good and praying did not take him anywhere. Now came the time for revenge.

Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella

Director: Alexandre Aja

Runtime: 120 min

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Horror

Filmaffinity Rating 5.6 /10 IMDB Rating 6.5 /10

Not available on Netflix