Top 20 family movies on Netflix

Here there are the best family movies you can watch today in Netflix. Aimed to have a good time with your family and create warmness in your house.

1. Galaxy Quest (1999)

Galaxy Quest is the title of a television series that was broadcast with great success for thirty years. An alien race, the Thermians, captured the series believing it was a historical document. They decide to lie down the old actors to help them defeat the perverse Roth'h'ar Sarris.

Actors: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman

Director: Dean Parisot

Runtime: 102 min

Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Family, Science fiction

Filmaffinity Rating 5.7 /10 IMDB Rating 7.4 /10

2. Paddington (2014)

Paddington is a bear who has grown deep in the Peruvian jungle with his aunt Lucy. When an earthquake destroys his home, Lucy hides her nephew on a ship bound for england. A sinister and attractive taxidermist looks at him, which poses a serious threat to his life.

Actors: Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters

Director: Paul King

Runtime: 96 min

Genres: Family, Comedy

Filmaffinity Rating 6.1 /10 IMDB Rating 7.3 /10

3. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)

Follow the adventures of a wild and rebellious mustang steed as he crosses the untamed American frontier. When he first meets a man, a young man from the Lakota tribe named Little Creek, Spirit refuses to be tamed by him, but becomes his friend. The brave steed also finds love in a beautiful mare named Rain. Spirit will become one of the great unsung heroes of the Old West.

Actors: Matt Damon, James Cromwell, Daniel Studi

Directors: Kelly Asbury, Lorna Cook

Runtime: 83 min

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

Filmaffinity Rating 6.2 /10 IMDB Rating 7.2 /10

4. Missing Link (2019)

Sir Lionel Frost considers himself the greatest investigator of myths, monsters and legends. These labels have been questioned by his closest circle, which encourages him to start an investigation in the Northwest in search of the Lost Link, a mysterious half-human, half-beast creature.

Actors: Hugh Jackman, David Walliams, Stephen Fry

Director: Chris Butler

Runtime: 93 min

Genres: Comedy, Family

Filmaffinity Rating 6.2 /10 IMDB Rating 6.7 /10

5. Over the Moon (2020)

Fei Fei, a thirteen-year-old girl, has grown up hearing her mother's favorite legend about Chang'e, the goddess of the pale moon who lives alone in the silent celestial body. Her loving father catches her off guard by making a life-altering announcement for her.

Actors: Glen Keane, Brycen Hall, Ruthie Ann Miles

Directors: Glen Keane, John Kahrs

Runtime: 100 min

Genres: Animation, Anime, Action/Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Comedy, Musical, Science fiction

Filmaffinity Rating 5.4 /10 IMDB Rating 6.3 /10

6. The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (2020)

Kate Pierce is reluctantly spending Christmas with her mom's new boyfriend and her son Jack. But when the North Pole and Christmas are at risk of being destroyed, Kate and Jack are unexpectedly drawn into a new adventure with Santa Claus.

Actors: Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Darby Camp

Director: Chris Columbus

Runtime: 115 min

Genres: Family, Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Comedy

IMDB Rating 6.0 /10

7. RV (2006)

Excited that the pace of modern life barely allows him to enjoy his family, Bob Munro plans a vacation to Hawaii. But unfortunately, his boss needs him for a meeting in Colorado. Munro hides this from his family and convinces them to rent an RV to the Colorado Rockies instead of Hawaii.

Actors: Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines, Kristin Chenoweth

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Runtime: 99 min

Genres: Children, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Family

Filmaffinity Rating 4.5 /10 IMDB Rating 5.6 /10