Top 20 series on Netflix

We have analyzed series you can see today in Netflix and compared them with the ranking from other platforms. With this analysis, here there are the best series to watch on Netflix.

Breaking Bad (2008)

A professor at an Albuquerque institute in New Mexico learns he has incurable lung cancer. He decides to make amphetamines and put them on sale to free his family from economic problems.

Actors: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Betsy Brandt

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Filmaffinity Rating 8.8 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.5 /10

Our Planet (2019)

Our planet has been filmed with the latest in ultra-high definition technology in more than 50 countries. It admires everything we have in common, from the most exotic jungles to the deepest oceans.

Actor: David Attenborough

Genre: Documentary

Filmaffinity Rating 8.5 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.3 /10

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)

The world is divided into four nations. Only a Master is able to control the four elements. 100 years later, two children, the responsible and courageous Katara and her wary brother, discover Aang.

Actors: Zach Tyler, Jack De Sena, Dee Bradley Baker, Mae Whitman

Genres: Action/Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy, Mystery

Filmaffinity Rating 7.7 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.2 /10

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

The brothers try to resurrect their mother using the power of alchemy. The experiment goes wrong, and as a consequence, Edward loses an arm and a leg. They travel in search of the secret of human transmutation to recover what they lost.

Actors: Kent Williams, Iemasa Kayumi, Vic Mignogna, Muriel Hofmann

Genres: Action/Adventure, Anime, Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Science fiction, Mystery

Filmaffinity Rating 8.3 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

The Last Dance (2020)

Docuserie full of unpublished material from the 1997-98 season. Shows the career of legendary basketball player with the Chicago Bulls.

Actors: Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, David Aldridge, Scottie Pippen

Genres: Documentary, Biography, History, Sport

Filmaffinity Rating 8.2 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

Yeh Meri Family (2018)

A 12-year-old boy tells a story about conflicting emotions towards his family members.

Genres: Family, Drama, Comedy, Musical, Romance

IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

My Mister (2018)

In a world that is not so kind, a young woman and a middle-aged man develop a sense of kinship as they find warmth and comfort in each other.

Genres: Drama, Family, Reality

IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

Answer Me 1988 (2015)

Sung Deok Sun often feels like she is being neglected by her parents. She later discovers that family is her only source of support when she is hurt.

Actors: Hyeri Lee, Kyung-pyo Go, Jun-Yeol Ryu, Bo-Gum Park

Genres: Crime, Drama, Comedy, Family, Romance

IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

Ramayan (1987)

It is a television adaptation of the ancient Hindu religious epic of the same name.

Actors: Arun Govil, Deepika Chikhalia, Sunil Lahri, Arvind Trivedi

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science fiction

IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

Leyla ile Mecnun (2011)

The show revolves around the fictional love story between Leyla and Mecnun.

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama

IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

Okupas (2000)

Four young people, with different backgrounds, start living together in a taken house. Ricardo, a middle-class youth, begins to experience the social decline towards poverty and its consequences.

Genres: Crime, Drama

Filmaffinity Rating 8.2 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.1 /10

The Twilight Zone (1959)

"The Twilight Zone" was a tv series that marked the future of science fiction. In each episode we find daily themes, from day to day, supported by genres. Created, written and narrated by Rod Serling.

Actors: Rod Serling, Robert McCord, Jay Overholts, Vaughn Taylor

Genres: Fantasy, Science fiction, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Filmaffinity Rating 8.0 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.0 /10

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Gon Frecks, a 12-year-old boy, is an orphan mother and according to his aunt also as a father. One day Gon is attacked by a forest bear, but he is saved. A hunter saves him by telling that his father Gin is alive.

Actors: Issei Futamata, Megumi Han, Cristina Valenzuela, Mariya Ise

Genres: Action/Adventure, Anime, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Crime, Documentary, Family

Filmaffinity Rating 8.1 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.0 /10

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (2016)

Leah Remini explores personal accounts of former members of the Church. Each episode tells stories of ex-members whose lives have been affected by the Church.

Actors: Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Mary Kahn, Claire Headley

Genre: Documentary

IMDB Rating Star 9.0 /10

Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan (2015)

Explore the history and flavors of Indian cuisine, from traditional Kashmir festivals to Gujarati vegetarian dishes.

IMDB Rating Star 9.0 /10

Humsafar (2011)

It is the most critically acclaimed drama in the history of Pakistan. It received the highest rating from Pakistan.

Actors: Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Atiqa Odho, Naveen Waqar

Genres: Drama, Romance

IMDB Rating Star 9.0 /10

Death Note (2006)

TV serie "Death Note" tells the story about a young man named Yagami Light. Light decides to use the notebook from anonymity, to clean the world of all criminals.

Actors: Mamoru Miyano, Brad Swaile, Vincent Tong, Ryô Naitô

Genres: Animation, Anime, Crime, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Filmaffinity Rating 8.2 /10 IMDB Rating Star 9.0 /10

When They See Us (2019)

A miniserie that exposes the deep cracks presented by the U.S. judicial and police system. Five teenagers are caught in a nightmare when they are accused of a brutal attack.

Actors: Asante Blackk, Caleel Harris, Ethan Herisse, Marquis Rodriguez

Genres: Thriller, Biography, Drama, History

Filmaffinity Rating 7.9 /10 IMDB Rating Star 8.9 /10

Attack on Titan (2013)

'Attack the Titans' is a serie based on the manga of the same name. Starring a group of residents of a city surrounded by walls, to protect the population from attacks by cannibal giants.

Genres: Action/Adventure, Anime, Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science fiction

Filmaffinity Rating 7.8 /10 IMDB Rating Star 8.9 /10

Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012)

It is a drama based on novels that depicts racial and class discrimination. The drama also centers on Kashaf's life in poverty.

Actors: Fawad Khan, Sanam Saeed, Sheheryar Munawar, Samina Peerzada

Genres: Romance, Drama

IMDB Rating Star 8.9 /10