The Last Kingdom (2015) Netflix USA

The Last Kingdom

It is the year 872, almost all the kingdoms that we know today as England have been invaded by the Vikings, only the great kingdom of Wessex remains impregnable and challenging under the command of King Alfredo the Great. In this turbulent context he lives UHTREED. After their parents, noble Saxons, were killed by the invaders, was captured and raised as one of them. Forced to choose between its origins and the people with whom it has grown, its loyalty will always be tested. What is it? A Saxon or a Viking? In your search to claim your birth rights, UHTREED must travel a dangerous path between both sides. Series on the birth of England, by the hand of the BBC and the producers of "Downton Abbey".

Actors: Eliza Butterworth, Alexander Dreymon, Arnas Fedaravicius

Seasons : 4

Genres: Action/Adventure, History, Romance, Drama

Filmaffinity Rating 7.2 /10 IMDB Rating 8.5 /10

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