From Up on Poppy Hill (2011) Netflix

From Up on Poppy Hill

Japan, 1963. Umi Matsuzaki is a high school student who, in the absence of her mother, takes care of her two brothers and her grandmother while also running a western-style hostel on top of a hill an near the sea, the Coquelicot Manor. The girl calmly combines her responsibilities with her school life. One day she meets Shun Kazama, a member of the journalism club, and Shiro Mizunuma, the student council president. Both are representatives of the Quartier Latin, an old building that houses different student associations and is at risk of being demolished. A deep friendship will emerge between Umi and Kazama that could be complicated by the unexpected discovery of a secret from the past. Together they will discover a way to coexist between the shady past, the difficult present and the hopeful future at a time when Japan was beginning to pick itself up.

Is From Up on Poppy Hill on Netflix?

Yes, From Up on Poppy Hill is available to Netflix. We hope you enjoy this title watching it from.

Actors: Sarah Bolger, Chris Noth, Anton Yelchin

Director: Gorô Miyazaki

Runtime: 91 min

Genres: Animation, Anime, Drama, Family, Romance

Filmaffinity Rating 6.8 /10 IMDB Rating 7.4 /10

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